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Contact: Stacey Dinges, Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist

Lee, Ogle & Whiteside Regional Office of Education


Join Sauk Valley Community College’s PASS Initiative and the Regional Office of Education 47 as we present the 2021 Virtual Pathways for College & Career Readiness Summit on Monday, February 15th from 8:30am - noon.  Attendees will collaborate to build continued success for students and employees in the Sauk Valley area.

Summit highlights will include small group breakout sessions covering all aspects of the pathway endorsement.  Breakout sessions will provide opportunities to network with others regarding pathway implementation.  Hear directly from students who are on the education pathway and experiencing benefits from the endorsement.  Students will also be sharing their team-based challenges. 

Keynote speaker Tom Toney will be speaking about the importance of building leadership in our schools, Tom Toney is an author, speaker, and DISC Certified leadership coach and the founder of Current Family, a non-profit dedicated to empowering students and families with resources for personal growth and development. Tom is also the creator of the KUEST Student Leadership system which over the last 20+ years has been used by organizations and schools around the nation to empower young students for growing in character, self-expectation and leadership. Tom is also a coach to corporate, non-profit and educational leaders helping them to develop strategies for success through his CAB University Model. 

To register for the Summit, visit and select the Professional Development tab.  A zoom link will be provided at registration.  If you have any questions about the Summit, please contact Janis Jones at or call (815)835-6410.