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Workplace Wednesdays is an opportunity for the development of partnerships with business and allowing teachers to learn and share with students 21st Century academic and soft skills needed to prepare students to be workforce ready. Teachers are the conduits for providing career information to students gained from Workplace Wednesdays.

Teacher Talk 

School's Out for Summer! And the ROE 47 staff is offering summer learning opportunities for everyone. You pick! Virtual, asynchronous, in person; find something that fits your needs and your summer schedule. On today's (5/26/22) Teacher Talk we are giving you an overview of what to expect this summer and a sneak peek into Fall of 2022. To check out the full listing of our Summer Learning Opportunities visit

Congratulations to Tara Propheter, 6th grade Math teacher at Rock Falls Middle School, who was recognized as the 2022 Marigold Award Winner. 15 educators from Whiteside County were nominated by their peers for the 2022 Jen Banks Marigold Award. Marigolds exist in our schools – encouraging, supporting and nurturing growing teachers on their way to maturity. If you can find at least one marigold in your school and stay close to them, you will grow. Find more than one and you will positively thrive.

As we continue to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (5/5/22), the staff at ROE 47 answers the question, "Who is your favorite teacher"? It may be your first grade teacher, a college professor or a non-traditional educator, but we would like to say thank-you to all the teachers out there!

This month, Teacher Talks have featured conversations about the Education Pathway program and the upcoming Education Symposium that will be held Friday, April 29th at Sauk Valley Community College. We are honored to feature Illinois State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Carmen Ayala, on this week's Teacher Talk (4/28/22). Listen as she addresses the current educator shortage, how the State Board of Education is working to build the teacher pipeline and how the education pathway endorsement program is creating excitement in the teaching world. Dr. Ayala will also be the guest speaker at the Education Symposium. Stay tuned for pictures and posts coming live from the Symposium.

For the month of April, we have been featuring area schools who are participating  in our Education Pathway program.  These school districts are creating a pathway for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of education.  We are just one week away from hosting the Education Symposium at Sauk Valley Community College. In this week's Teacher Talk (4/21/22), we are highlighting the upcoming event and giving you a sneak peak into what attendees will experience. For more information about the Education Symposium held at SVCC on Friday, April 29th, visit

Great things are happening at Rock Falls High School in their Education Pathway Program. Tune in to this week's Teacher Talk (4/14/22) and listen to Mrs. Heidi Ripley and several students involved in the Education Pathway Program talk about what sparked their interest in education, why they want to be a teacher and the planning that went into implementing their team based challenge. We will continue to focus on the Education Pathway for the month of April, as we lead up to our first ever Education Symposium, being held at Sauk Valley Community College on Friday, April 29th .

We are excited to focus on all things ‘Education Pathway’ as we feature our first Teacher Talk for the month of April. This week (4/7/22) we are focusing on the Amboy Education Pathway students as they share their experiences in the pathway program, their upcoming Family Literacy night and their team based challenge presentation they will give at the Education Symposium on Friday, April 29th at Sauk Valley Community College. Good luck to Ian, Olivia and Olivia as they work towards their education pathway endorsement and future goals as educators! 

As we continue to celebrate Women's History Month, we have had the honor of featuring several inspiring educators in our three county area for this month's Teacher Talks. In this week’s Teacher Talk (3/31/22), it seemed only fitting to ask some of our friends from the ROE 47 Professional Learning team, who inspires them?

March is Women's History Month and we are continuing to feature inspiring women in education. In this week’s Teacher Talk (3/24/22), Mrs. Kathleen Schippert, Principal of River Bend Middle School, has spent 25 years in administration, wrapping up 12 years at the middle school. She loves learning and loves kids and compliments her great staff for being team players and making learning fun.

March is Women’s History Month and we are continuing to feature successful women in education. Lindsy Stumpenhorst, Principal at Challand Middle School in Sterling, is known to many in our three county area, as an educational leader. In this week’s Teacher Talk (3/17/22), Lindsy shares her ‘light-bulb moment’ that sparked her interest in pursuing a career in education.  She talks about the work being done at Challand Middle School to get students involved both academically and socially. 

March is Women’s History Month and we are continuing to feature successful women in education.  Dr. Kelly Mandrell, Superintendent of Polo Community School District, is just one example of the many female Superintendents in our three county area. In this week’s Teacher Talk (3/10/22), we chat with Dr. Mandrell about what led her to pursue a career in education, who has provided her with mentorship and inspiration and advice she would give to young women interested in education. “Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it”, Dr. Mandrell says.  You don’t want to miss her uplifting message! 

March is Women’s History Month and so we thought it only appropriate if we highlight successful women in education for March Teacher Talk’s. We are excited and honored to kick off our first Teacher Talk for the month of March (3/3/2022) by highlighting the Northwest Region Teacher of the Year Finalist, Ms. Kim Radostits, Oregon High School Spanish teacher. Ms. Radostits positive outlook on the world of education is a breath of fresh air.  She has 15 years experience teaching and still claims she has “the best job ever!” Congratulations to Ms. Radostits, a true example of a change-maker!

For the entire month of February, we have highlighted the growing problem that the educator shortage brings to our school communities. We continue the important work of addressing this shortage alongside growing our Pathway Program. On this week's Teacher Talk (2/24/22), we are excited to feature another resource from our College & Career Readiness Video Series. Listen as area educators share their stories about the personal journeys they took to become educators.

Join us this week (2/10/22) on Teacher Talk as we feature author of 'Making It', Stephanie Malia Krauss, who will be the keynote speaker at the 2022 Virtual Pathways for College & Career Readiness Summit. As a former 'front line educator', Stephanie shares a personal look at the professional realities everyday, educators and parents are facing in the field. To register for the 202 Virtual Pathways for College & Career Readiness Summit & receive your own copy of 'Making It', click

As we continue to plan for our upcoming virtual College & Career Readiness Summit on Monday, February 21st, we are focusing on building education pathways in our area schools. Amboy High School is just one of several local schools districts who are offering an educational pathway program to students in an effort to address the current educator shortage. On this week's (2/3/22) Teacher Talk, we are talking with Amboy High School Principal Mrs. Janet Crownhart, high school Math teacher Mrs. Cynthia Carlson and AHS senior Ian Eller, about the pathway program and roles and responsibilities of all involved.

A familiar face to so many, we are happy to feature Dixon High School principal, Dr. Mike Grady on today's Teacher Talk (1/27/22). After spending 31 years in education, Dr. Grady will be retiring in May. Listen in as we discuss highlights from his career, how DHS is addressing the current teacher shortage and words of advice he has to anyone pursuing a career in education. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Dr. Grady!

Teacher talk for this week (1/20/22) - Illinois American Water Art Contest

Congratulations to Autumn Howell and Grace Woodward, students at St. Mary's School in Sterling, winners of The Illinois American Water Art Contest. With the help of their Teacher, Mrs. Vicki Liston and Principal, Mrs. Melanie Selmi, these students submitted their drawings and WON!  

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with ‘ALL’ the things, take 10 minutes and listen to this inspirational Teacher Talk. This week (1/13/22), we are honored to feature Mark Morris, Principal of the Regional Center for Change School and recent high school graduate, Alexis.  Listen as Alexis shares the obstacles she was faced with while trying to reach her goal of graduating from high school and how she persevered through!  Principal Mark Morris and all the staff at C4C continue to support and motivate students, just like Alexis.  For more information about the students, staff and services offered at Regional Center for Change visit and click on Regional  Center for Change. 

We are kicking off the new year with Season 2 of Teacher Talk's. This week (1/6/22) we are featuring the IESE Network and the services and programs provided to special education teachers.

It seems only appropriate that our last Teacher Talk of 2021 (12/30/21) allows us to reflect on the challenges that educators, students and families faced this past year. But also gives many the opportunity to look towards the future ! Join Regional Superintendent Chris Tennyson, Assistant Regional Superintendent, Josh Knuth and Anji Garza, Director of Professional Learning and Educational Services as they reflect on the past year and share goals for the new year.

On this Teacher Talk (12/16/21) we focus on the power of building student relationships.  Join us as we have a reflective conversation with Jennifer Warrenfeltz, Principal/Intern Superintendent of Paw Paw CUSD 271.  Listen to Mrs. Warrenfeltz as she talks about how the Paw Paw staff have used a modified version of the Significant 72 to build relationships in their school. 

Tune in this week (12/9/21) for a first on the ROE 47 Teacher Talk. We are excited to feature Payton Hale, a senior at Dixon High School, as we talk classes, remote learning and future plans!

On this week's (12/2/21) Teacher Talk, we are discussing the very important topic of Youth Mental Health. Listen as we discuss the importance of training our community on how they can help when our students or families might be struggling.

As the holiday season approaches, we are offering local community supports for our families and students that may be looking for some extra help. Tune in this week (11/18/21) and listen as Diana Merdian, Family Education & Supports Services Coordinator (Nexus), shares organizations that are available to provide support and how families can tap into those supports. For more information, contact Diana at or call the ROE 47 office at (815) 625-1495 ext. 151.

In honor of Veterans Day (11/11/21), we are privileged to introduce you to just a few of the many area educators who have served our country. Thank you for your service and thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students!

Tune in this week (11/4/21) to Teacher Talk with Matt Naftzger, Rock Falls High School Social Studies Teacher, as he talks to us about using technology in the classroom.  An interest in coaching and history brought Matt to Rock Falls High School 14 years ago.  He has always encouraged his students to learn digitally, using tech tools like Google My Maps and various website design apps.  Although some students are hesitant, others jump right in but he continues to teach digitally because of the collaborative working environment it provides for his students and the instant feedback on assessments. If you would like more information about the tech tools he is currently using in his classroom, contact Matt at

Drones, VR headsets, coding robots and 3D pens; it’s just another day in Mrs. Jenna Copeland’s classroom.  In this week’s Teacher Talk (10/28/21), we are featuring Mrs. Copeland,  5th-8th grade STEM teacher at Erie Middle School. She is passionate about technology and keeping her students engaged in learning.  She explains how the ever changing world of technology makes her job challenging at times but also super rewarding. Her best advice to other educators who might be apprehensive about using technology in the classroom, “ask the kids", she says.  

Are you in need of some inspiration? Look no further! This week's Teacher Talk (10/21/21) will give you 'all the feels'. A motivated student and an extraordinary teacher are the perfect mix to create an inspiring story! At the Regional Center for Change School students are working hard to reach goals they have set for themselves! For more information about the Regional Center for Change School visit

Today we are featuring Mr. Jeffrey Hoese, Principal of Fulton Elementary School, on ROE 47's weekly Teacher Talk (10/14/21). Mr. Hoese talks about the challenges his staff is faced with after teaching through a pandemic. He also shares about how he incorporates technology into staff and student support. Don't miss his message at the very end!

This week on Teacher Talk (10/7/21) we are learning the in's and out's of the Truancy Program that services Lee, Ogle and Whiteside county. Listen as Stephanie Youngmark, Truancy Director, explains what the program is and why these services are so important to our community! For more information about the Truancy program visit or contact Stephanie Youngmark at

On this week's episode (9/30/21) of Teacher Talk listen to Ben Sondgeroth, Regional Ed Tech Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois. Ben shares how he is supporting schools, districts and parents with technology education.

Tune in this week for our Teacher Talk (9/23/21) featuring the Induction & Mentoring Programs that ROE 47 offers to area educators.  Gail Wright,, Induction & Mentoring Coordinator, shares with us the importance of supporting new teachers in a variety of different ways.  Listen to Raquel Zamora, Spanish teacher at Newman Central Catholic High School, share her inspirational story about the support she has received from the ROE and how she has improved as an educator.  If you are interested in more information about the Induction & Mentoring Program and professional learning opportunities offered for mentor teachers and new teachers, check out and click on PL workshops.

This week on Teacher Talk (9/16/21), listen to Shauna Dinges & Kelly Marcum discuss the Illinois Elevating Special Educators Grant and the network that has been created to improve the education of students with special needs and support special education teachers!

This week on Teacher Talk (9/9/21), learn more about the IRIS program (Integrated Referral Intake System), a comprehensive referral system that will help bring together community services and the people in our community who need them. For more information about the IRIS program, contact Lois Meisenheimer, Early Childhood Programs Coordinator at or Diana Merdian, Family Education and Support Services Coordinator (Nexus) at

On this week's episode (8/26/21) of Teacher Talk, we sit down with Diana Merdian, Family Services and Support Services Coordinator, and learn about Nexus Program and all that it offers families, students and teachers in our tri-county area. Meet Nexus team members Ashley Teels and Michelle Elmendorf and discover how they are working to fill the gap that everyday stressors might have on our local families.

On this episode (8/19/21) of Teacher Talk we are discussing Summer School Improvement Celebrations, featuring the work being done by the Amboy Junior High School Improvement Team.  Yvonne Vicks, a teacher at Amboy and member of the team shares how they are making connections with students using the Significant 72 program and talks about some big changes happening within the Amboy School District.