Rethinking Fun Activities for your Family This Holiday Season

As we proceed further and further
along in this pandemic, more and more
of our regular yearly activities have
either been cancelled or modified. As
we enter the fall/winter holiday season,
we will probably see even more
changes to or cancellations of the
traditional annual holiday activities.
Instead of feeling sad that your child
will miss the typical holiday
experiences, this is the year that you
can explore some new opportunities or
start some new traditions!
Here are some helpful resources for
- Check out our program’s Facebook page – we will post opportunities for your
family that are happening in communities across the three-county area
- Join our Group Connection activities – we are posting multiple video groups
on our Facebook page each month. Some groups provide activities that you
can do with your child and some are groups just for parents.
- Check out social media apps (such as Pinterest) for ideas for new family
traditions that you can start in your home.
The important thing to focus on is not what your child is missing out on, but
instead, what special experiences you can provide for them. Children will
remember the simple experiences and activities that you can provide that will
make this holiday season special and unique and will stand out in their minds for
years to come.
So, what can you think of that would be a special tradition that you would like to
start? Sledding down a hill on a cold day followed by homemade hot chocolate
from scratch? Driving around town on a snowy evening and looking at the holiday
lights followed by a picnic in the living room listening to Holiday songs? Making
and decorating Christmas cookies from scratch? It doesn’t have to be something
costly or an event with all the frills. It just needs to be an activity that you and
your child can enjoy together. Start thinking and planning now! Your home visitor
can help you do some research or can suggest some ideas for you to consider. 

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